Finance firm Goldman Sachs predicts FIFA World Cup result

Would you trust a bunch of accountants with your sporting hopes and dreams? No. Neither would I, but it doesn’t stop my morbid curiosity as to what they think will happen in the FIFA World Cup. (Yes, I am the robot apocalypse and sports girl.) We know that EA Sports thinks that France will take it, but Goldman Sachs say they’ve literally run one million simulations, based on 200,000 models and their results are in.

Our final four will be titans Germany, France, Portugal and Brazil, according to the firm. In the end, Brazil will take the most prestigious title in national-level football in Russia this year, besting Germany in the final.

Now – I’m old enough to remember the massacre of 2014, in which Germany whooped the hosts so hard that allegedly, their half-time locker room pep talk was “let’s try not to score anymore”. In that tournament, Goldman Sachs had also predicted a Brazilian victory… so maybe this latest divination isn’t such great news for the Latin American side. But in the meantime, you can check out the breakdown of how exactly the firm thinks it’ll all shake out this time.

As I said before though, I’m looking forward to the German machinery steamrolling its way through to a consecutive title.

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