Cooler Master is bringing the Mod-Squad to Rush 2018

Rush 2018 is just over a couple of weeks away. Are you ready? ARE YOU?

We’re so ready. We can feel the excitement in our bones. And apparently so can Cooler Master, because they’re going to be hosting a case-modding competition at Rush 2018.

If you feel you’ve got the chops to take an already sexy Cooler Master chassis and make it even sexier, you should head below the break. All the details are down there.

Go on then. There’s no need to be afraid. Well, maybe there is. But there probably isn’t. Who knows?

First up, here’s how Cooler Master describes the Cooler Master Mod-Squad initiative:

“Cooler Master Mod-Squad is the first of a series of modding competitions and workshops that intends to initiate and develop a local case modding community, one that’ll provide valuable feedback to the Cooler Master product development team. The Cooler Master Mod-Squad is an initiative to generate exposure and excitement around modding and its possibilities in the local market. The initiative intends to redefine how consumers interact with Cooler Master as a brand and their products, and encourage individuals to explore their creativity to create personalized rigs and designs.”

Pretty cool ‘ey? Here’s how it’s gonna work: 10 contestants will be chosen by Cooler Master (we’ll get to how that’s gonna work in a bit), and those 10 humans will be invited to attend Rush 2018. Each of those 10 contestants will be provided a Cooler Master chassis, and will then have four hours to customise and modify that chassis with their own creative brand of graffiti, all the while being guided and assisted by a local graffiti artist who collaborates with Cooler Master. Said graffiti artist will also teach the contestants the best spray-painting techniques for this particular case’s material and design.

Cooler Master will provide all the materials you need to spray paint the case, but you’ll also be allowed to bring any extra colours of spray paint you think you may need for the design you’re thinking of doing. Cooler Master suggests that contestants bring pre-made stencil designs to make use of throughout the competition, but they’ll also have plastic material available (alongside the tools required to cut said material) so that you can cut your own custom stencil designs during the contest.

On the final day of Rush (that’s Sunday 1 July 2018), the winners will be chosen. The three best contestants “stand a chance to win various other Cooler Master components for their build which include products from the likes of Cooler Master cooling, peripherals and power supplies”.

Okay, have you got all that? Here’s how to enter the running to become one of the ten contestants:

“Contestants will need to upload a picture of themselves featuring any Cooler Master product to any social media platform (including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) using the hashtag, #CoolerMasterModSquad. The top 10 entries will be selected from entries with the most social media likes.”

And that’s that! In addition to the case-modding competition, Cooler Master’s booth at Rush will also be showing off two “very special builds” created by Sphinx Modding, a home-grown, incredibly talented South African modder. Sphinx Modding will also be hosting a mini-workshop at Rush on Saturday 30 June, where he’ll “go into detail about his projects as well as modding as a hobby and career”.

Cooler Master will be bringing their in-house DJs along for the ride, so you can enjoy some smooth tunes while you check out the slew of brand new Cooler Master products that’ll be on display at their booth.

If you’re even remotely interested in case modding, or if you’re just a huge fan of PC hardware and Cooler Master in particular, they’ve given you yet another reason to be at Rush this year.

Rush 2018 is happening from 29 June to 1 July at the Sun Arena at Time Square in Pretoria. R60 bags you a day pass to the event, while R100 will get you access for the entire weekend.

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