What if God was a Cyanide & Happiness character?

No, that wasn’t some weird coded way of asking what if God were a Cold War Soviet spy – I’m talking about the online comic strip Cyanide & Happiness. I never thought I’d have reason to give the question serious thought, but apparently someone over at Explosm Entertainment did, and then they made a game about it.

So, picture the Rapture: all the righteous and faithful are being lifted away from this cold and cruel world, and taken up into Heaven. Predictably, you are not amongst their number, because this is the Cyanide & Happiness universe (yes, you have stick figure extremities – bet you wish you hadn’t skipped leg day now, huh?!). All of those who are left behind now have to survive in the post-Rapture world.

Of course, chaos and social degeneration ensue and we all devolve into a frenzy of murder as we scramble for resources and more weapons with which to continue murdering each other. Yep, that’s the premise for the tinyBuild-created game Rapture Rejects, which will be available on Steam later in 2018. Currently, you can sign up for the alpha on the Rapture Rejects website, and also get a bit more information on the game. Watch the trailer below, if for no other reason than that it’s hilarious.