Computex 2018: A brief look at what Streacom and Maverick brought to the show

Streacom has always been one of the more reserved, quieter brands in the PC DIY space. Their laser-focus on their core strength (which is building PC cases focused on exceptional quality, compact size, quiet operation and – to some extent – modularity) is what sets them apart from all others. When you buy a Streacom case, you’re generally not the kind of person who’s moved by RGB LEDs or anything of the sort.

That’s the Streacom we’ve come to know and appreciate, and they showed off a fascinating prototype case called the Canvas at Computex earlier this month. What this Canvas chassis seeks to do is give PC builders absolute freedom in not only what their PCs look like, but in the placement of the components within as well.

Conceptualized by Michael Khalil of Maverick (a company that specialises in premium-quality computer gear), this case (and it seems wrong to even call it that) uses differently sized neodymium magnetic standoffs and glass to house your components. It’s an open case design, but it’s done in such a simple, yet elegant way that it truly boggles the mind.

Essentially, you’re able to place your components anywhere you want to in order to achieve the look you desire. It’s a flat space (hence the Canvas name) which you can configure in whatever way works best for you. Your components are held in place through magnets of varying size, fastened with small screws. Once these are attached, you can easily move the motherboard, GPU, PSU, hard drives, AIO, fans and other components around to your heart’s content. Its modular design is its core feature – and compared to other cases that claim modularity, the Canvas is light years ahead.

Should you fancy positioning your GPU above your motherboard, for example, you simply place it there and it’ll be held in place. The same holds true for every other component: you simply place it wherever you desire, and the Canvas’s unique design takes care of the rest. Your only limitation is your creativity.

You could arrange your motherboard diagonally, vertically, horizontally, or at any angle really. You’re able to place your fans of any size directly above the components you wish to cool. You can stand the chassis vertically or horizontally, get it in different sizes, and stack cases as well, one on top of the other, separated by glass to whatever spacing you desire. It’s absolutely incredible, and the Canvas is easily the most impressive thing I saw at Computex, by far.

Even though the unit they showcased was an early prototype, the Streacom component quality is undeniable, and if any case vendor is capable of bringing a concept like this to market in the most polished manner possible, it’s Streacom.

It’s still in its crowdfunding phase, but the concept is an absolute marvel, and an instant pledge of support from me. You can find out more about the case here.

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