Fortnite gets footie fever

Somebody over at Epic Games is definitely a football fanatic, and they want you all to know about it. That’s right, not only is Fortnite’s global entry into competitive esports named the Fortnite World Cup, their latest round of paid items are World Cup themed, too.

Would you like a pick axe in the shape of a vuvuzela, or with a golden boot on the end? No problem! You can purchase those for 500 VBucks each. How about a new glider, painted like a football? Also 500 VBucks. If you’re itching for a way to show your disdain for a fellow player, you can purchase the red card emote for 200 VBucks.

The new items get pricier as they go along, of course, with the most costly at 1200 VBucks being a choice of six custom skins for both male and female characters which you can style like your favourite World Cup team’s football kit. You can even pick your own number to put on the back so you’re wearing your favourite player’s jersey as you murder virtual strangers.

To top it off, Fortnite now has a giant football stadium on the map, and weekly challenges include scoring goals in one of the many football stadiums around the island. So whether you’re chanting “Alles les Bleus” or “Ole, ole, ole, ole!”, Fortnite has you covered.