Rush 2018 is just over a week away, and things are beginning to heat up in the Rush kitchen. No, there is no Rush kitchen. IT’S A FIGURE OF SPEECH, OKAY.

Joining us for the Rush festivities will be Lobbsta, who describe themselves as “an innovative online platform designed to simplify your competitive existence”. Right now, it’s specifically targeted at Dota 2 players who’re eager for an easier way to find and book competitive matches – so if you’re all about that Dota 2 action and you’re curious to see firsthand exactly how Lobbsta works, then read on for more details.

Okay, so! What exactly is a Lobbsta, and how does it work? We’ll let Lobbsta explain:

“Lobbsta is an innovative online platform designed to simplify your competitive existence. It provides teams with a modern way to create and book scrims. You can also connect with other users, find players on the marketplace, spectate matches, or even track position specific stats. The platform is useful for all users, whether you’re a casual or competitive player.


If you want to find a team for the first time, or you’re a competitive team looking for a veteran player to add to your team, Lobbsta is designed for you. The platform is full of features that we think users all over the world will find really valuable. Right now Lobbsta supports Dota 2, but we have plans to expand into other titles in the future.”

Currently launching in beta form, Lobbsta will be displaying the platform’s capabilities at Rush by inviting the top 10 most popular South African Dota 2 players on the platform to participate in an all-star Dota 2 match at the show. This match will be streamed and casted live from Rush.

“We’re planning to demonstrate the product live, so we want Dota 2 players to come and join us. We’ll organize teams of players from the crowd, with casters, and have some fun competitive matches every day. There will be tons of spot prizes for people who get involved, so come and have some fun. We’ll have some high profile players and casters there as well for you to meet and greet, with some signed merchandise.


We’re covering all the travel and accommodation costs for these 10 most popular users to make sure they’ll be at the event to participate, so sign up to Lobbsta today and get your friends to follow you. “

Lobbsta is completely free to use, and they’re specifically focusing on Dota 2 right now because it’s “one of a handful of competitive esports games that have stood the test of time”. The platform boasts a ton of useful features for competitive Dota 2 players (and Dota 2 shoutcasters as well), with things like automated scrims (which ensures the entire process of arranging a match is as seamless as possible), regional and global stat tracking, and a spectator function all on offer.

If you want to learn more about Lobbsta and see its benefits in action, get on down to the Sun Arena at Time Square in Pretoria next weekend (i.e. 29 June to 1 July) for Rush 2018. A day pass will cost you R60, while entrance for the entire weekend is just R100.

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