Computex 2018: A brief look at GALAX’s shiny hardware and sexy apparel

GALAX’s high-performance storage and DRAM solutions on display.

At Computex 2018, GALAX was, as you’d expect at such an event, showing off all their latest hardware – and this year, they brought their exclusive line of apparel too. I have to admit, their clothing line is rather appealing and arguably the best in the business (at least insofar as the “apparel” PC DIY vendors usually cobble together goes).

Whereas you’d be hard-pressed to find an appropriate time to wear the typical items of clothing from competing hardware brands anywhere outside of a labour camp, the GALAX pieces are simple, stylish and make use of some notable, quality materials. Those white-on-white hoodies in particular look exquisite.

I’ll admit, it’s odd to talk about fashion first and foremost when discussing Computex, but given that there are no new NVIDIA GPUs to showcase, I’d been wondering what GALAX would show at their booth. Fortunately, on display were a bunch of GALAX high-performance storage solutions, including traditional 2.5-inch SSDs and the even quicker PCI Express models – all decked out in that familiar ice-white.

Of more significance though, GALAX had dummy sticks of their upcoming DDR4 5,000MHZ kit. That’s right: 5GHz memory straight out the box, which should be available sometime before the end of this year for existing platforms (mainly Z370 and perhaps X299). Say what you will about shiny items, but those gold heatsinks definitely look the part.

This is the 5GHz DDR4 kit. LOOK AT ALL THAT GOLD.

Despite the lack of any new GPUs, GALAX didn’t shy away from extreme overclocking, and invited the legendary Japanese overclocker Duck-san to demo his skills, alongside the ever-excitable OGS from Greece – who managed a new 3DMark05 world record using an astonishingly fast Core i7 8700K at over 7.1GHz and the GALAX HOF GTX 1080 Ti OC Lab Edition GPU (yeah, that name is a bit of a mouthful).

For GALAX, overclocking isn’t just something to which they give lip service, but speaks to the core of what the company is about. It’s no surprise they produce some of the finest (if not the finest) GPUs and DRAM money can buy. Their showing was impressive as always. Look forward to the GOC 2018 tenth-anniversary coverage coming up later this year.

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