Eurasian Amusements invites you to Metal Slug it out at Rush 2018

Looking at the list of tournaments that’ll be happening at Rush 2018 next weekend, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the event will only cater to the newest, flashiest games on the block – but that just ain’t true. Eurasian Amusements wants in on this competitive gaming frenzy, and they want to do it their way.

If you’re a fan of old-school arcade games and/or winning cool stuff for being Real Good at video games, let’s chat.

Eurasian Amusements will once again be bringing a bunch of arcade cabinets to Rush 2018, each one offering a hearty chunk of retro games for you to play to your retro-loving heart’s content. But! That’s not all they’re gonna be doing. They’ll also be running a Metal Slug competition throughout the weekend. And that’s yummy.

Here’s how they say it’ll work. You come to Rush. You find the Eurasian Amusements arcade cabinets. You fire up any one of the Metal Slug games available on the cabinet. You play the game, and aim to get the highest score possible. If you manage to score more than 10,000 points on any given run, you snap a photo of your bodacious score and post it to the Eurasian Amusements Facebook page. If your score ends up being the highest of the weekend, you’ll win yourself a wireless arcade console when the winner is announced on the Monday after Rush (i.e. 2 July 2018).

Have a look at this handy image if all this word-speaking is putting you off:

If you’re keen to try your hand at being the top Metal Slug player at Rush 2018, get on down to the Sun Arena at Time Square in Pretoria at some point during the minutes between 29 June and 1 July 2018. A day pass to the event is R60, while R100 bags you access for the entire weekend.

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