You can’t drive flying cars in Cyberpunk 2077

Although there are actually flying cars in the game, apparently Cyberpunk protagonist V failed their flying car licence test. Or had their flying car licence revoked. Or accidentally dropped their flying car licence in a neon noodle bar, and some unscrupulous hacker cloned and sold it on the darkweb, and now it’s got a million unpaid parking tickets on it. I dunno exactly, but whatever the reason, you don’t get to drive a flying car.

“You won’t be able to control flying cars but they will be used for missions for crucial things,” level designer Max Pears tells Metro. “But the main way to get through will be on foot, cars, and bikes.”

So, that’s a cyberbummer but you can bang NPCs so I guess it’s even. Kind of.

Cyberpunk 2077 is in development for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, but no launch date has been confirmed.

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