Mosh Pit: Samsung’s Galaxy S9 in Cobalt Blue, Huawei’s B618 LTE router, and you’re granny-shifting, not double-clutching like you should!

This week’s Mosh Pit is short thanks to not much going on in the world this week (apart from the semi-official denuclearisation deal for North Korea going ahead – like, who else here thought they’d ever live to see this?). This week we have a “pimp my phone” kind of deal from Samsung, dazzling up the already excellent S9 and S9+, a whole host of game sales to lighten your wallet on, and some networking love for those of you looking for an alternative to your ADSL connection.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 gets a paintjob

It’s not often that a Samsung flagship gets pimped, but the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are doing so well that Samsung has decided to release a brand new colour for the phones called Coral Blue. The colour choice is supposed to signify an enhancement to self-expression and the ability to communicate, but we don’t see why can’t the reason be, “this looks sick, dude!” The S9 and S9+ also comes in Midnight Black, Titanium Gray, Lilac Purple, Burgundy Red, and Sunrise Gold if you want other options. This is currently Samsung’s best-selling flagship after the Galaxy S7, and reviewers like Michael Fisher have found a lot to like.

Valve’s Steam Summer/Winter Sale

In case you haven’t opened Steam this week, the annual Summer sale is now on, running from 21 June to 5 July 2018, and there are literally a few thousand games on sale right now. Highlights include the Fallout franchise with up to 75% off, 30% off PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, 20% off the adorable Stardew Valley, and 50% off Fallout 4 GOTY, The Witcher 3 GOTY, and Assassin’s Creed Origins. Head on over to Steam now to see what’s interesting, and remember: all of these discounts will still be there up to 5 July, so there’s no need to rush.

There are also sales currently running on EA Origin, Ubisoft Uplay,, a Konami sale on Humble Store, and a lot of deals on the Xbox Store if you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. If you’re on PlayStation 4, Sony has a big PlayStation Retro sale happening this weekend.

Huawei B618-65D LTE/WAN router

If you’re looking for a router for internet connectivity at home, chances are you’ve also wondered about a back-up connection in case Telkom is affected by cable theft or other idiocy in your area. LTE connectivity is pretty good in most cities and even some smaller towns, and large data packages from cellular providers do give you an alternative in case your main link to the net goes down. Huawei’s B618 is one of the company’s premium routers, offering not just a WAN connection for fiber or ADSL, but also 4G LTE-A Cat4 connectivity across several supported bands, allowing you to switch between LTE and a physical connection as necessary. External antennas are also supported, just in case you’re just out of range and the tower is within line of sight of your house. You can find the B618 for around R2,600 at most stores. The B618-65D is the one to get if you can find one.

The Crew 2 is in open beta on all platforms

Although open betas for AAA games are rare, Ubisoft has been doing quite a bit lately to make sure that the experience for fans of The Crew is just as good out of the box for the game’s sequel. The Crew 2 once again takes place across the United States of America, and eschews the street racing story of the first game for something a little like Need for Speed, where crews will complete races and challenges to gain reputation as they ramp up their sports career as a professional racing driver. The air races are the most difficult to master, but the experience of being in the cockpit of a plane on take-off in this game is incredible. This, more than anything, deserves VR.