A new Fallout 4 mod adds random nukes and NPC griefers to get you ready for the next big thing

Fallout 76 isn’t out until November, but in the meantime, you can start your wasteland survival prep with Fallout 4-76, a new Fallout 4 mod that simulates the worst sort of post-apocalypse scenario – the one with other people.

The mod removes most of the game’s regular NPCs, and replaces them with AI assholes like “L33T PWNZ BRO”, who will harass and insult you just like real life, and can also level up. “Kill them all and more will turn up in time, like roaches on bad meat,” the mod’s description explains.

To keep things interesting, nukes also drop occasionally, with only a “minimal getaway warning” – although mod creator SKK50 cautions that, as it’s still a beta version, you might not actually get a warning “but your player deaths are helping debug my free product”. Lolz 4 dayz.

You can download Fallout 4-76 over here.