We wanted a new Portal game, so Valve made one we can’t play

That’s right, Valve has released a new game, and this time, they’re going to spaaaaace! Set in the Portal universe and even featuring our old enemies Aperture Science, Valve’s new release is less of a game and more of a testing ground. “Moondust: A technology demo for Knuckles EV2”, is about exactly what it says in the demo video – creating content for developers who are using the Knuckles VR2 handset, a controller for interacting with virtual reality settings.

The game is only available as part of a devkit for users of the controller, and its purpose is to test out various functionalities and mechanics by taking users through the process of maintaining a moonbase for Aperture Science.

From Moondust’s Steam page (which is the only way to access the demo): “With moon-based conversion gel stores running dangerously low, Aperture looks to the stars for a new source of the valuable portal conductor. Take control of a giant robot on the moon, spearheading the Aperture Lunar Resources Initiative.”

You may not be able to play the demo, but you can watch the trailer for it below.

Via Geeks Are Sexy.