PUBG Corp’s Fortnite lawsuit ends in withdrawal royale

Realising, perhaps, that everybody copies everybody else and there’s not been a totally original concept in the game industry since forever anyway, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds studio PUBG Corp has dropped its pending copyright infringement case against Fortnite dev Epic Games.

Bloomberg reports that PUBG Corp’s lawyers issued a letter of withdrawal to Epic’s lawyers this week, and that the case is now closed. Whether or not some sort of settlement was reached has not been disclosed for the moment, however, but since both companies are subsidiaries of Chinese investment megacorp Tencent Holdings, maybe the two were told to hug it out or go to bed without chicken dinner.

PUBG Corp’s similar lawsuit against mobile publisher Netease is as yet unresolved, but also not limited by the awkward inconvenience of suing the company that makes the engine your game is built on, sooooo.