Mosh Pit: It’s raining data, solid state drives that don’t require you to survive on noodles, and The Crew 2 is out

Welcome to Mosh Pit, the show where everything has a price and your weekend has just started (and you’re still at work, gah!). That’s right, the weekend has started, but only for those Capetownians who somehow get the right to slack of after three o’ clock because literally everyone is too chilled (actually, it’s more like noon – Cape Town ed). Those of you in Durbs and Gauteng still have to look busy for the next hour or so. This week we have a few game sales, nerdy t-shirts from Raru, cheap mobile data, and super-cheap solid state drives. Hit the jump.

Steam Intergalactic Summer Sale is still on

If you still haven’t opened Steam for some reason this past week, you might be interested to know that the Summer Sale is now on, complete with a space theme and a minigame where you fight aliens. The Steam Intergalactic Summer Sale will run until 5 July 2018, and there are over three thousand games, season passes, and DLC sets on discount. It’s one of the best times of the year to pick up a game you’ve yet to add to your backlog.

In related sales news, this month’s Humble Monthly includes Hearts of Iron IV, Blackwake, and Portal Knights as starting games, with more promised to come. Humble Monthly is a subscription for games at $12 a month, and you get to keep every one. GreenManGaming is also running a special for the month of June with 20% off any purchase. GMG is legit, unlike a lot of other key resellers on the internet.

It’s raining everywhere

Not literally, of course. That would solve our current drought issues. No, rain(-with-a-lowercase-r) is a new cellular network that only offers data services. It’s born out of the ashes of iBurst, that ISP that everyone loved to hate because their service either worked or it didn’t. The company has made good use of iBurst’s infrastructure to deploy data services across the country using LTE and LTE-A signal bands. Data is sold on a per-megabyte tariff at 5 cents per megabyte, working out to R50 per gigabyte. For an extra R250 per month, you can get uncapped internet from 23:00 to 18:00 (off-peak hours) on the rain network in any location that has LTE coverage. During peak hours, which is 18:00 to 23:00 in the evening (also known as Netflix time), data is billed per megabyte and not covered by the uncapped bundle. Although a lot of people are using this as a replacement for their fixed-line internet, for an average of R350 per month you can have unlimited mobile internet on your phone or tablet, which is a massive savings compared to what other networks are charging. If you head over to rain’s website, you can sign up for their bundle deals.

If you’re interested in trialling the service, R120 gets you three SIM cards which you can keep around and use whenever it suits you – all data costs and subscriptions are charged to a credit card at the end of the month. rain admittedly has some teething issues with getting SIM cards out to customers, and the network has been affected by load shedding outages in Johannesburg from time to time, but if you can use a second SIM in your phone or carry a portable wireless hotspot device like the Huawei E5885, you can have significantly cheaper mobile internet without any real limitations on your use. This is not to be confused with the rain products offered by ISPs like Afrihost and WebAfrica, however. Those are very different, and currently not very consumer-friendly thanks to their terms of the month-to-month contract.

The Crew 2 launches today

We don’t have a review for The Crew 2 just yet, but the game has been well received in the closed alpha, closed beta, and open beta tests. The Crew 2 is the sequel to the first The Crew, but ditches the trope-filled plot that featured hacker activists with weird names, an FBI sting operation, and everyone calling themselves engine types for some reason to denote their position in an underground criminal organisation that didn’t make much sense anyway. The Crew 2 follows the Need for Speed formula by introducing a new world where you’re an extreme sports racing driver, participating in motorcar, boat, motorbike, and airplane races across the United States, featuring an enormous open world filled with about a million kilometres of open road. You can pick up The Crew 2 today for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms for around R900.

2-for-1 tee sale now on at Raru

Finding gaming-themed or nerdy shirts in most stores is an arduous task, mostly because finding anywhere that stocks the kind of thing you or someone else might like is a mission in itself. Well, you might find what you’re looking for on Raru, because they’re having a 2-for-1 sale this week on printed shirts featuring artwork and characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and God of War. There’s some nifty artwork in the shape of the Infinity Gauntlet too, and we really like this one (hint hint).

Cheap, cheap solid state drives

The SSD invasion has been slow, but things are finally picking up again as cheaper drives with new 3D-layered TLC NAND flash have joined the market. The flash controller ecosystem is so mature that these things are being sold for peanuts, and pretty soon it won’t make any sense for companies to make 128GB drives at all. Available at Evetech, although other retailers will also have these in due time, you can pick up a 240GB Kingston A400 for as little as R749. Need more space? How does 500GB of flash memory sound to you for R1,899? These prices are so cheap that it makes buying hard drives for any system finally redundant. Flash memory is the future, and it’s finally getting more affordable. Make sure to check out Evetech’s sale on Kingston’s A400 series.