Overwatch’s next hero is a hamster in a mech

Meet Wrecking Ball. He likes blowing stuff up, smashing heads, and (probably) snuggling in some lovely fresh sawdust and nibbling on sunflower seeds after a long day saving the world.

Bringing Overwatch’s roster up to 28, Wrecking Ball is the game’s new tank class, and perhaps also its most unconventional hero – a genetically-modified hamster who escaped the Horizon Lunar Colony to bring his own super adorable brand of chaos and destruction to Earth. Equipped with a hi-tech mech and shield generator, he can switch between combat and rolling modes, and also use his grapples to get over enemies and perform a ground slam. His Minefield ultimate is more or less exactly what you expect – a lot of mines and a lot of boom-boom-boom.

Wrecking Ball is live now in the Overwatch PTR, with a public launch coming soon.

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