Local indie game Semblance is squoozelling out onto the internet this month

Joburg studio Nyamakop is prepping to launch its award-winning wibbly, wobbly “experimental” physics puzzle-platformer on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch with a new trailer to dial the hype-o-meters to max. Get jiggly with it.

Semblance is squishing out on Steam, GOG, and the Nintendo eShop on 24 July, publisher Good Shepard Entertainment has confirmed, introducing the (mis)adventures of a “soft, bouncy character” in a “soft, bouncy world”. The game features an “almost entirely deformable” environment, which you must manipulate to solve levels.

“You can deform and mould the world, and you can do the same to your character,” designer Ben Myres told us back in February. “In a world of soft things, an infection of hard, crystalline material has begun to appear, killing the world around it. By moulding your character and shaping the world, you collect essence to bring your soft and bouncy world back to life.”

First started as a university project, Semblance was subsequently featured as one of our rAge home_coded games in 2016, and recently made it big in Japan, squeezing out the competition to win the “Excellence in Game Design” prize at the Kyoto BitSummit.

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