Now you can boldly pass out drunk where no one has passed out drunk before

Do you remember that time that Captain James Tiberius Kirk (yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead and use his full name here) got absolutely hammered and proceeded to recite the story of the time he and that Ferengi – no? Well, we all know that man had to be drinking something. And now, because the Venn diagram of cool ideas and geeky interests is pretty much a circle, you could be drinking Captain James Tiberius Kirk!

Well, not him obviously because he isn’t real and also this isn’t an episode of Hannibal, but you could be drinking a limited edition bourbon inspired by and named after the iconic Star Trek captain soon. Now available for pre-order, this small batch bourbon promises to exhibit “a depth and richness seen in only the finest examples of bourbon with notes of caramel, Asian 5 spice and pecan”.

What is Asian 5 spice? I have no idea, but I bet Kirk knows a few ladies from that quadrant…

I’m more of a Sisko girl myself (hello, The Dominion?!), but you can check out the bourbon’s website for more info, or just to try to understand who thought they’d like to drink like Captain Kirk.

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