Mosh Pit: Retro toys, free games, and Cooler Master’s MasterCase H500 Mesh

This week’s Mosh Pit is quite neat, as you’ll soon find out. Today, we’ve lined up a series about toys that makes you wish you’d never thrown away that Starscream figurine (HOW could you, he’s the best character!), a sexy new chassis from Cooler Master that’s just… dayum, some cool specials on the Xbox One S, and a bunch of games being given away for free to Twitch Prime subscribers.

The Toys That Made Us is awesome

Remember all those years ago you were playing with your LEGO sets, or action figures from G.I. Joe or Barbie, or those awesome Bionicles? Well, a Netflix Original series is dedicated entirely to the history of these toys and icons that played such a large role in our childhood, as well as the brains behind these brands that captivated the world for decades. The series has four episodes in each season, and the small crew behind the filming and interviewing toy creators travels across the world to meet with them in person.

So far, the series has covered Star Wars, Barbie, He-Man, and G.I. Joe in the first season, and Star Trek, Transformers, LEGO, and Hello Kitty in season 2. A third season is currently being filmed in Tokyo, Japan and will include interviews with Toei Studios employees, which means we can look forward to Power Rangers in the next season. And maybe Dragon Ball as well.

Twitch Prime game giveaway

Everyone likes game giveaways, and Twitch is giving away some games this month to celebrate Prime Day (which is, probably, just Amazon’s way of taking the Independence Day celebrations and making money off everyone). For Twitch Prime subscribers, you can look forward to grabbing your copy of Metal Slug 3, The Last Blade, Twinkle Star Sprites, QUBE2, Brutal Legend, Broken Age, and many others. Unfortunately, you’ve all missed out on the free copy of Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition.

Twitch Prime is a monthly subscription service that helps support Twitch streamers and gives you free stuff in return – plus you get this little badge thingy next to your name in chat to make you feel extra important. Your first six months of Twitch Prime are priced at $2.99, increasing to $5.99 afterwards. Sign up here.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500

In case you might have thought that Cooler Master’s case lineup for 2018 was sparse (that’s the joke – it’s actually enormous), here’s another addition to the MasterCase family that might make its way on to your shortlist. The H500 is the base model of the MasterCase 500 series for 2018, but it’s probably the best pick of the lot. To start with, Cooler Master ships the case with two MasterFan RGB front intake fans, and if you’re sensible you’ll pick up the meshed H500 so that all that air is directly drawn into the chassis by those enormous impellers.

Internally, like the rest of the H500 family there’s space for a full-size ATX motherboard, up to two 3.5-inch hard drives and one 2.5-inch drive on the main drive cage, full-sized ATX power supplies and graphics cards as long as you can imagine. There are additional 2.5-inch drive mounts on the other side of the case, along with lots of cable management holes to take advantage of. Cooling-wise, there is space for a 200mm fan on top of the case and a 120mm fan at the rear, and you can fit a wide array of radiators up to 360mm in length inside. To keep dust out, there is a washable front dust filter mounted with screws, as well as a magnetic dust filter for the top vent.

Cooler Master will launch the H500 in Europe and possibly other EMEA countries on 25 July 2018 with a suggested price of €99.00 (approx R1,600).

An Xbox One S for R3999

If you happen to need a new console this weekend for whatever reason, there’s a nice promotion at Game if you go in-store. Until 8 July 2018, the Xbox One S White 500GB is available for R3999 and comes with an additional controller. This is, as you can clearly see, a much better deal than the PlayStation 4 1TB with GT Sport bundle. For another R499 you can also pick up a copy of Assassin’s Creed Origins, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Definitive Edition, or Grand Theft Auto V. R599 gets you titles such as Far Cry 5, Need for Speed Payback, FIFA 18, or Call of Duty WWII.

UPDATE: I have called a Game store to confirm, and the deal for R3999 for an Xbox One S White 500GB does indeed come with an extra controller, and you can also select if you want a white or a black one.

The Xbox One ecosystem is really, really good, and the Xbox Live Gold subscription has been giving out some great games this year. If you’re not keen on paying for physical copies, Xbox Game Pass will allow you to access a select library of first and third-party titles curated by Microsoft as part of a subscription service. You’re going to need a fast internet connection and an uncapped account to get the most out of it, however.

Ant-Man and The Wasp opens this weekend


Okay, so to reiterate here: it’s probably just a rumour, but watching Avengers: Infinity War might be a prerequisite for understanding the events of Ant-Man and The Wasp. No-one is actually sure at this point, particularly because… well… nevermind. Watch Infinity War anyway. All we can say is that this trailer for the film can absolutely not be trusted under any circumstances. Marvel can lie. Marvel HAS lied before.

Ant-Man and The Wasp will be showing in cinemas this weekend, and you can book your tickets online on Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro’s websites. Ant-Man and The Wasp is the sequel to the well-received (and nearly cancelled) Ant-Man movie, also known as Ant-Manuel in Spanish-speaking countries.