Extravagant murder girl anime Kill la Kill is being adapted into a video game

Chances are that if you know that anime exists, you also know that there is an anime called Kill la Kill and that it’s kind of, sort of like… a big deal. And now, that big deal is getting a game!

Arc System Works, the game developer that brought us the successful Dragon Ball game adaptation Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Kill la Kill’s creators Studio Trigger have partnered and announced the 2019 launch of Kill la Kill the Game: If –  because who doesn’t like a little gratuitous violence with their gaming? Not surprisingly, the game appears to be sticking quite closely to the plot of the anime. It’s a fighter, with lots of oversized weaponry, skimpy clothing, and emotional trash talking.

The game will be available to try out at the EVO gaming tournament which will be held between August 3rd and August 5th this year, in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. The rest of us will need to wait for more details, as an exact release date has yet to be given.

Check out the game trailer below and give the official website a look as well.

Via Engadget.

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