Planet X3 is a new real-time strategy sci-fi game…

… for MS-DOS, launching in 2019 on floppy disks. What is this even.

The game closed its Kickstarter campaign last week on $113,640 of pledge-funds from more than 2500 people who are gaming like it’s 1989. If that’s not retro-legit enough for you, Planet X3 is the sequel to Planet X2, a game for Commodore 64 released in 2018.

“Back in November of 2017 I was pleased to introduce the world to Planet X2, the first real-time strategy game for the Commodore 64.  And now I’m pleased to be  working on an MS-DOS version of the game,” developer David Murray explains in the blurb. “Originally I planned the game to be a straight port of the game to MS-DOS, but with the extra RAM available, I decided to add in all of the functionality that had to be left out of the C64 version, making this more of a sequel.  However, it still has the same feel and gameplay to Planet X2, just with more diverse and complex strategies now available.”

This guy obviously has a thing for nostalgia. And totally over-complicating his own job.

Talking to Gamasutra, he admits that making a game for MS-DOS now is “really, really difficult”, mostly because there aren’t too many resources for MS-DOS programming available online (unexpectedly?). But think of the savings in development costs and third-party technologies – Murray codes in Notepad, apparently, and uses the A86 compiler to convert it into an MS-DOS compatible format.

According to the FAQ, there probably won’t be a version of the game for Sega Genesis, though. So, pre-order cancelled?

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