Darksiders 3 gets launch date, portentous special editions

THQ has announced, hark ye and tremble, that the first horsewoman of the apocalypse will be razzle-dazzling her magic whip and opening the third seal of the end times on 27 November, with two appropriately ruinous special editions of the game to choose from.

The new sequel introduces Fury, “the most unpredictable and enigmatic of the Four Horsemen”, who is dispatched to deal with the Seven Deadly Sins, including the deplorable lack of pockets in women’s clothing. That’s the first Deadly Sin, isn’t it? Or the third. I forget whether it’s before or after hormonal donut cravings.

Besides a standard edition of the game, Darksiders 3 will also be launching with a $149 Collector’s Edition and a $399 Apocalypse Edition designed to bring terror and cataclysm to your bank account, featuring figurines, an art book, exclusive cosmetic DLC, and other premium extras. Local pricing and availability on those isn’t confirmed for the moment, but in the meantime, you can gaze into the abyss.


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