Neill Blomkamp is working on a new RoboCop reboot

RoboCop is back to serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law. Again. Four years since Sony’s somewhat insipid RoboCop remake, MGM is trying again with District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp, and the 1987 original movie’s writers Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner also signed on as producer and exec producer respectively. I’d buy that for a dollar.

According to Deadline, RoboCop Returns is a rewrite of a cancelled sequel to Paul Verhoeven’s subversive and extravagantly gruesome comply-’em-up, which for some reason I couldn’t adequately explain now, a friend’s mom actually let us rent on video when I was about 10. I mean, I loved it, but what was she even thinking. Apparently Blomkamp’s childhood was similarly blessed with an absence of parental supervision, though.

“The original definitely had a massive effect on me as a kid. I loved it then and it remains a classic in the end of 20th Century sci-fi catalogue, with real meaning under the surface. Hopefully that is something we can get closer to in making of a sequel,” he explains. “That is my goal here. What I connected to as a kid has evolved over time. At first, the consumerism, materialism and Reaganomics, that ’80s theme of America on steroids, came through most strongly. But as I’ve gotten older, the part that really resonated with me is identity, and the search for identity. As long as the human component is there, a good story can work in any time period, it’s not locked into a specific place in history.”

No cast is confirmed for the moment, but we can probably assume Sharlto Copley is involved. Maybe. It’s RoboCop Returns, not RoboSpietkop Poesklap Nog.

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