The new Sport White Special Edition Xbox One controller has been revealed, and it’s fresh to death

There’s a new series of special edition controllers on the way for Microsoft’s big black (or white) box, and this time the Xbox chaps are going for a sporty theme. Which is oh so on point right now, what with people knocking little fuzzy balls back and forth on the lawn in Wimbledon, England, and other people kicking larger, leathery balls back and forth on a larger bit of grass in Russia. And then rolling around on the floor, writhing in agony, foul victim at the business end of a particularly fierce love tap from an opposing player. Still, new controllers, and the first one is so minty fresh you could brush your teeth with it.

The Sport White Special Edition Xbox One controller, which rolls out later this month in the US, and worldwide from 7 August, has a crisp, minimalist style which Microsoft says is “inspired by trends in athletics and sports lifestyle”, resplendent in white with mint green accents and some neat silver and grey patterning. On the back you’ll find grey rubberised diamond grip for comfort and control in the heat of the moment.

Controller Gear has also put together an officially-licensed Xbox Pro Charging Stand with a matching design style, although I’m not sure if we’ll see the likes of that outside of North America.

Via Major Nelson.

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