Three things you absolutely have to do before World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth update

Blizzard has announced that patch 8.0, the Battle for Azeroth pre-expansion patch, is indeed coming next week Wednesday, 18 July (or 17, if you play on US servers), and with it, a whole lot of glorious content such as the Burning of Teldrassil (and no, we still don’t know who’s responsible for that) and, if you’ve already purchased BFA, the Battle for Lordaeron. I’ve played through the Horde versions of these questlines on the BFA beta and I couldn’t be more excited. The Battle for Lordaeron, in particular, genuinely feels like you’re stuck in the middle of a war zone, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s some of the best content I’ve experienced in this game so far.

Also, Horde players get this mount, and have you ever seen such a gorgeous mount? You’ll want it, of course you will, because, just look at this magnificent thing, it has candles.

Of course, patch 8.0 also means this is your absolute last chance to enjoy certain content that will be removed once it hits. For example, now is your last chance to finish…

The Mage Tower challenge

While most artifact skins will still be available after Battle for Azeroth, the opportunity to get the Mage Tower skins will be removed with patch 8.0. The Mage Tower is, of course, one of Legion’s greatest accomplishments – a personal challenge that requires both good gear and absolute expertise in your class. After quite a lot of research, failed attempts, swearing, more research, hitting your head against the wall, deciding you don’t like the skin anyway, more swearing, and finally, the dawning realisation that you’ve done it, you’ve passed the test, it’s over – the Mage Tower challenge rewards you with a shiny new artifact skin that not only declares to the world that you are, indeed, the elite top player you’ve always known yourself to be, it’s also stunning.

Unless you’re a Beast Mastery Hunter and your Mage Tower Skin is the most hideous thing you’ve ever seen. Why, Blizzard? Why do you hate me?

It’s important to note that you only need the base skin before 8.0. In other words, you only need to finish the Mage Tower challenge. You will still be able to unlock the other tints for it, such as the one rewarded when you kill Kil’jaeden on Heroic difficulty, in BFA. If you haven’t completed this challenge yet, and you need help, Wowhead has some pretty great guides (and honestly, if you don’t have Wowhead bookmarked by now then are you even a WoW player).

It’s also important to note that, while the artifact skins you unlock will become available for transmog in BFA, they will be bound to class and spec. So if you like a skin from a different spec, but you have no intention of ever playing that spec, then there’s not much point to wasting your time.

Now, in the above screenshot, you may notice my title: Field Medic. If you want it for yourself, you better hurry, because this is your last chance to get any…

First Aid achievements

First Aid, as a profession, is being retired in BFA, and that change is coming in patch 8.0. Any first aid achievements you manage to get before then will be reclassified as Feats of Strength, and that includes Legion’s Field Medic achievement. This achievement involves farming sixteen different rare drops, and finishing the quests that are started by these drops. You can only be on one quest at a time, and it’s entirely possible to get the same drop twice (or, in my case, five times in a freaking row). It’s one hell of a grind, but it is still possible. So use the group finder tool to find a group – and you’ll definitely find one, because many, many players are trying to get this achievement before it’s too late – put on a movie, and have fun killing literally thousands of NPCs so that you can earn the title that shows you are the greatest murderer healer of all.

Just don’t get too caught up and forget to check your Order Hall mission table, because time is running out for…

Gold missions

We saw it first when the pre-patch for Legion removed the one thing about our garrisons we actually liked – the gold missions. The pre-patch for BFA will be doing the same thing to our order hall gold missions. At the moment, gold missions tend to reward something between 600 – 1100 gold, and if your followers can achieve 200% on a mission, they’ll bring back an extra 1500-1750 gold. If you’re lucky enough to get several missions a day, this all adds up extremely quickly (my alt-army is currently making me 40-60k gold a day). And with a mount that costs five million gold coming in BFA, you’re going to want to stockpile all the gold you can before these missions disappear.

I’d show you a screenshot of myself on this magnificent beast, but it’s five million gold. Five. Million.

Luckily, in the same way that our Legion order hall mission tables not only brought back gold missions, they brought us even more rewarding gold missions, it does sound like gold missions will be back, along with new mission tables, in BFA. It’ll probably take awhile before they get as lucrative as they are now, and getting my entire alt army to max level and farming gold missions will most likely be a time-consuming pain, but, well, just look at that mount.

Yeah. It’ll be worth it.

Is there anything in particular you absolutely need to get before the pre-patch launches? Or have you done everything you wanted and need BFA to come out yesterday already? Let us know in the comments.

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