There are so many genuinely exciting things about being a gamer or other genre of geeknerd these days that get buried in the clutter, and one of those is that modern tech, content distribution channels, and social media have – amongst other things – led to the rise of fan films.Tired of watching Storm get botched over and over again? Make an epic fan film! Think Nathan Drake deserves his own film? Make. A. Fan. Film. And cast Nathan Fillion as the title character… because why not?

Directed by Allan Ungar of Gridlocked fame, Uncharted follows series protagonist Nathan Drake as he gets into serious trouble in Mexico and gets out of it with a smart mouth and a little (read: not a little) fighting.

How did this even become a real thing? Fillion apparently met Ungar through a mutual friend, and it just kind of happened.

“Over thai vegan dinner, Allan expressed his love for Uncharted—he’s obviously a passionate fan—and he had a vision,” Fillion tells Kotaku. “And then in May, we got together and put this thing together.”