Valve suspends smutty games on Steam pending a new content filter system

Fans of games featuring anime girls who look about 10 but are actually definitely for real over 18 so it’s totally legal and not even creepy, mom, will be hugging their loli body pillows on their own for now, because Valve has temporarily (cock)blocked several “adult” launches on Steam while the company works out a proper content filter system for its users.

Despite its recent introduction of a more or less whatever, besides stuff that’s “illegal or trolling” policy, Valve isn’t approving a number of games for release – including Shining Song Starnova and Boobs Saga – until the new content filter system is implemented, which lets users decide what sort of stuff they want to see (or not see) on Steam’s storefront. Somewhat complicating things, this new content filter system has no confirmed timeline, or even a policy for what is or isn’t subject to this kind of moderation.

“Yes, some titles are being held. We will have more info on this soon,” a Valve rep tells Gamasutra, like “soon” means something in Valve-time.

But I dunno. I’ve absolutely zero interest in games like this, so I just, you know, don’t click on them. Is that too difficult or what?

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