Fortnite is a cash royale for Epic Games

Love it or hate it or play that other game instead, Fortnite’s Battle Royale is kind of a big deal at the moment. Big enough, apparently, that players have apparently spent over one billion dollars on in-game microtransactions. That’s a lot of bunny suits.

According to market research firm SuperData, the game’s monthly revenue has been on the up and up and up and up and up since its launch in September 2017, with $318 million banked just now in May. Perhaps not unexpectedly, the report also finds that the genre is totally dominating screens, with 700 million hours of content views clocked in the same month – and Fortnite accounting for some 83% of that. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

In the meantime, a petition on to “get rid” of the game has more than 8000 signatures, most of whom probably don’t realise it’s a joke or maybe wish it wasn’t.

Via GamesIndustry.