This week in Mosh Pit we have quite a few neat things to show you. Corsair is turning a new leaf this year and has an amazing new case design, Minecraft is still a thing and now you can build Rapture out of whatever you want, and the new Magic: The Gathering sets are available, so you can go wild buying boosters and trying to beat the odds to draw something rare. It’s all in here after the jump.

Corsair Carbide Spec-06

Corsair’s Carbide series of cases started off a bit unrefined and looked somewhat weird among the landscape of mid-range cases that tried to show off as much RGBs as possible, but over the years they’ve become very attractive budget options for PC gamers. The latest in the series, the Spec-06, looks quite good. The Spec-06 has an indented front panel, so immediately it looks very different from anything else on the market. There’s a Nike-like swoosh accent on the front which includes a set of RGB LEDs that aren’t addressible, but have several colour modes to choose from, and the whole look is very minimalist and mature. White is nice but uh… black. Definitely. Yes. Go for that one.

Inside, the Spec-06 follows the cookie-cutter design seen in other cases and popularised by NZXT, with a PSU shield and full cover hiding the power supply and hard drives, enough space for two 240mm radiators in the front and top mounting positions, plenty of space for extra-long GPUs, and a full-cover tempered glass side panel. There’s enough space for up to four 2.5-inch drives as well as two 3.5-inch drives in the PSU shield. Unlike most other cases, the Spec-06 includes rubber grommets around the cable management holes, so you don’t end up cutting yourself or your cables during installation. There are also dust filters at the front and top of the case. Corsair says that availability of the Carbide Spec-06 began earlier this week, but prices for South Africa were not announced. Because the Spec-05 shares the same design and costs around R800, you can expect the Spec-06 to retail for around R1,100.

Cooler Master accessories

If you’re a fan of Cooler Master’s range of peripherals for 2018, you might be looking for something to accessorise your setup or to make things easier to maintain. Maybe you also don’t want to keep yourself awake at night with all the RGBs you can possibly cram onto your desk. Well, here’s something for you. Cooler Master has a full set of mouse mats, wrist rests (very important!), and a maintenance kit for your keyboard. The wrist rests come in small, large, and extra large sizes, and are cloth-covered instead of the usual leatherette finish. Also the logo on the right side glows in the dark. The mouse mats have a rubber base and a speed-like finish at the top, and the stitching on the edges also glows in the dark. Everything is also splash-proof by the way.

The maintenance kit comes with a purple brush and key puller tool for taking apart your key caps to clean your keyboard of debris. There’s also a full set of O-rings that you can put on your keycaps to avoid bottoming out the keys, which makes the keyboard a lot quieter, and a cloth to keep things cleaner. The full line of wrist rests and mouse mats will be available starting this week and should start reaching our shores in about a month or two.

Minecraft Update Aquatic

If you’re a regular Minecraft player, you probably already know about the Update Aquatic DLC that was released just over a week ago. But if you’re not, maybe this might convince you to jump back into the game or purchase it for the first time. Update Aquatic turns the oceans of Minecraft into places that you can actually explore and build in. Previously, it was up to community mods in the Java edition of Minecraft to do this, but Mojang stepped up with a new expansion that makes the ocean a much more interesting place. Want to build Rapture at the bottom of the sea? Now you can. Want to spend your time treasure hunting in shipwrecks? That’s there too. Yellow liveable submarines might be possible now, who knows?

Minecraft is available on almost every platform you can think of but the recent updates to the game are not available on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. If you’re on PC, you can purchase the game directly from Mojang on their website, and you get a free copy of the game for Windows 10 as well. There’s some good news for macOS and Linux gamers as well – a new version of the game’s launcher should be arriving shortly to make running Minecraft much easier on your system.

GPU sales are finally happening

Graphics cards are getting cheaper all the time nowadays thanks to the lull in cryptominers setting up new farms, and that means that they’re slowly creeping back into an affordable price range for everyone. The mid-range GPU market might still be a bit of a mess for most buyers, especially if you’re looking for AMD’s Radeon RX 570 and RX 580 GPUs at their original launch prices, but this Radeon RX Vega 56 is a pretty good deal for under R8,000. Most retailers locally seem to have finally adjusted their pricing, so if you’re in the market for a new GPU make sure you check out your favourite retailer’s catalogues today. Head on over to Raru today to check out their GPU sale they’ve got going on, and don’t skip by Wootware either with their big sale on Palit, Zotac, and PowerColor range of GPUs this month.

MTG Core Set 2019 now available!

If you’re new to the Magic The Gathering card game and want to get into it, the Core Set 2019 is now available from several participating retailers and stores. Core sets are a way to get into MTG quickly in any era, and they sort of bundle together to give you a “starter kit” of sorts. You can put down as little a R140 for a Core set 2019 Planeswalker deck, or as much a R625 for a bundle which includes 10 booster packs, a nice die, and a bunch of other stuff including a deck box and a set of lands. Collectible card games (CCGs) are ridiculously easy to get into, but as any seasoned player will tell you this stuff can be more addictive than gambling, so make sure you have someone who can act as the voice of reason every now and then to tell you that buying another six boosters is probably not as efficient as just trading for what you want.

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