The Darksiders 3 Apocalypse Edition costs whaaaaat?!

I’d already predicted terror and cataclysm for the incoming Darksiders 3 Apocalypse Edition – an unconventionally extravagant compilation including four figurines, an art book, a fabric print, an ominous amulet that may or may not precipitate an actual apocalypse, exclusive cosmetic DLC, and other premium stuffs – but local pricing has now confirmed a veritable hellscape of economic ruin.

Over on Raru, pre-orders on the collection are going at a scorching R7499, and on AWX, it costs even more. You could order it directly from THQ Nordic for about R6200, but with approximately R715 shipping it comes to just under R7000 at current exchange rates, and you’d have to wait an extra ten days. That’s almost enough to buy a ticket to Amsterdam although you’d still have to pay for the game when you get there. But hey, you’d be in Amsterdam and it is a nice box.

But is it that nice? Up to you.

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