PSA: Steam Chat doesn’t look like a 90s AIM client anymore

If for some reason you haven’t had your Steam client open today, now would be a good time to start it up and accept the latest client update that just landed. In this update, Steam Chat gets a major overhaul for the first time in… what is it, 10 years? Steam hasn’t always had a chat client, but despite the old client’s reliability it was a bit behind the times – it didn’t support GIFs or real emojis, Valve nuked file and link sharing a while ago, and voice chat, especially group voice chat, was a kludge.

The new Chat client looks so much more modern. It launches as its own fly-out window by default, has some emoji support, can share image files between friends, handles GIFs very nicely, and is also available as a service in your web browser, just like Discord and Slack. Check out Valve’s blog post to see a more in-depth introduction to all the new features. You can access the new browser service via this link.

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