EA shuts down the “On The House” freebies for Origin

If you’re currently using an account on EA Origin, and have been picking up those free games that the company released every month, you’ll want to know that EA has cancelled the program for good. No more free games.

Originally meant to improve EA Origin account subscriptions and bring players to the platform, EA has now shut off the program because it has ostensibly achieved its goal. The company now has millions of subscribers using the Origin client every day and, thanks to Origin Access Premier, will soon be offering subscription-based access to their AAA lineup. Cancelling On The House isn’t a bad thing, really. Most of the games were very old, or limited in some way, or just didn’t have the appeal that they used to command, and they often had repeated offers. It was just backlog filler, to be honest.

Speaking of backlog filler, you’ll be glad to know that Origin Access Premier has just launched today, and you can subscribe to it monthly or annually for as little as R199 per month. Considering that EA’s roster of games is increasingly becoming more like a live service instead of a fully packaged product, you might as well subscribe for the year if you were planning to buy at least two games from them this year anyway.

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