The first image of the next Terminator movie features advanced prototypes

Have you seen this boy? Me neither. That’s, like, so 1991. This is the future, and we don’t even need a boy because we can totally have women as protagonists now.

This debut promo photo from the as-yet untitled sixth Terminator movie confirms that Linda Hamilton is back as iconic robot apocalypse revolutionary and Los Angeles psych ward’s voted Most Likely To Break Something, Probably Your Arm inmate Sarah Connor, next to co-stars Natalia Reyes and Mackenzie Davis. Deadpool director Tim Miller is attached to the project, with Terminator 2 director (and Hamilton’s ex-husband) James Cameron signed on as producer. Original Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger is also involved although his role is a matter of speculation for now.

Inevitably enough, the image has provoked some politically correctly politically incorrect outrage on social media about “feminazis” from the sorts of reactionary dudebros who don’t realise that women have actually kind of been important in the Terminator series since the first movie.

Movie’s out in November 2019.