This guy’s cosmic misadventure in No Man’s Sky is almost more fun than the game

“Almost”? I dunno. Despite my original review of the game being somewhat less than exuberant, I’ve already invested about 20 hours into No Man’s Sky NEXT and intend to keep playing it… but I couldn’t explain exactly why. It’s still mostly a lot of questionable chores, inventory slot management, and abrupt conclusions on the wrong end of a nuke storm – but maybe it’s because I’m expecting something like this to happen.

In a series of increasingly zany tweets, No Man’s Sky player Brandon Carbaugh describes a mundane activity in the game that turns out, uh, not so mundane. It’s one of those uniquely crazy, unpredictable experiences that can only happen in a game that randomly generates stuff, and also a compelling reason to not mess with the local flora.

So next time, I’m definitely messing with the local flora.

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