How do you like them Apples?

File this under ‘Things That Surprise Absolutely No One’ – Apple is officially the first (publicly-traded, American) company to be valued at one trillion dollarsssss (pinkies finger in the air, everybody).

Yesterday morning everybody who does Finance Stuff was abuzz with the news that Apple had almost hit the trillion dollar mark, so obviously the share price did what share prices do – they went up. By the close of business the company had officially reached a share price of $207.39, putting it 34 cents above the price needed to attain trillion dollar pedigree.

Considering that in 1997 an Apple share was worth less than a dollar and the company was staring down the barrel at bankruptcy, this achievement is not only impressive, it’s downright inspiring. Inspiring me to eventually maybe get a mortgage or something, that is.

Via Engadget and The Independent.

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