The recipes in Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook probably won’t kill you

… Not immediately, anyway. That’s the thing about radiation. It takes its time.

Written by Pixelated Provisions cuisinier Victoria Rosenthal and expected to launch on 23 October, The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook features more than 70 recipes from the post-apocalyptic wasteland, so you can fry up some of your very own, totally authentic crispy squirrel bits.

“Based on the irradiated delicacies of the world of Bethesda Entertainment’s Fallout, this Vault-Tec–approved cookbook provides fans of the award-winning series with recipes inspired by their favorite Fallout foods,” the book’s blurb on Amazon explains. “Whip up tasty versions of the Mirelurk egg omelette, throw some deathclaw meat on the grill, and re-create BlamCo Mac & Cheese.”

Mmm, just like gram-gram used to make, before she died of the cancers.