Mosh Pit: Run, Jump, Die, Repeat… Run, Jump, Die, Repeat!

Welcome to Mosh Pit, your weekly dose of geeky and nerdy things you want to buy – and in some cases, should buy. This isn’t ThisIsWhyImBroke though – if they were to ever launch a store here, our wallets would certainly be much lighter (literally, just look at this book stand. We NEED it). This week we have two announcements from AMD, a new phone from Nokia, and games which will give you grey hairs. Follow us after the jump.

Wraith Ripper for Threadripper

AMD recently announced their Threadripper 2 family of processors, and officially opened up preorders at participating retailers to secure your chip on its launch. While you can catch up on the details in this article here, today Cooler Master announced that their custom cooling solution made for AMD, called the Wraith Ripper, is now available in select markets. While AMD typically uses Cooler Master for their stock coolers that are shipped in the box, this is the second cooler that they’ll be making separately available.

Designed for the TR4 socket, this is a RGB-fied scratch design that is completely unlike anything else Cooler Master makes – even the fin and heatpipe arrangement is custom. A 120mm ball-bearing fan sits in the middle of two fin towers, which are connected to seven heatpipes on both sides. The four torx screws on the top are actually the same screws which go into the socket mount, so this means it’s very easy to install this without fiddling with extra-long screwdrivers. Pricing isn’t confirmed, but Cooler Master will act as the distributor for the Wraith Ripper, using their regular retail channel to allow consumers to purchase it from retailers.

Nokia 3.1 launches in South Africa

Nokia has seen a resurgence on popularity after the brand restarted itself and started selling Android handsets with an operating system so lean it’s almost a Google Nexus product. With the fast monthly updates and on-the-ball feature upgrades, this is the easiest way to get into the vanilla Android experience. This week, Nokia announced the new 3.1 handset for mainstream consumers.

This is the successor to the Nokia 3, and it is a tad lighter and a little bit taller, boasting a 18:9 aspect ratio display. There are slight upgrades to the chipset, the shipping memory configurations and the battery size, and it ships with Android 8.0 as well. Overall, while it’s going to be snappier and boast slightly better battery life, it’ll still fall into the same price range as the Nokia 3 thanks to economies of scale. Locally, the Nokia 3.1 will come in black or copper blue colours with chromed accents, and will retail for R2,299.

AMD is giving away games again


A couple of years ago, AMD and NVIDIA were in a heated war to bundle games with their graphics cards to improve sales, and consumers were also able to sell the games bundled with their cards to offset the purchase cost – everyone wins. AMD is returning to form with their bundles, and this year’s deal includes Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Strange Brigade, and Star Control: Origins.

If you pick up an AMD Radeon RX Vega 56/64, Radeon RX 570, or Radeon RX 580 from now until 31 December 2018, you can redeem all three games once they’re released. The deal is available worldwide through participating retailers, so make sure you ask about the promotion if it isn’t included in the product listing.

Monopoly Cheaters Edition

You know that old fallacy that, “It’s only a crime if you’re caught!” that other kids used to say? Well, that tends to work similarly in the real world. If you don’t get caught, you can get away with so much more – and that’s the spirit of Monopoly Cheaters Edition. Now you’re not just cheating in small ways to anger everyone else on the board in traditional Monopoly, the aim of the game is to cheat as much as possible and do it as stealthily as possible.

Cheating is an additional mechanic in the game, with special cheat cards telling players what cheats to attempt (in addition to things like skipping rental fees and defaulting on bank loans without anyone noticing). You even get plastic handcuffs in the box to shame cheaters who get caught! No house rules this time, folks, play according to the game’s manual and you should be done in an hour. Also, there are no hotels. The stakes are ludicrously high.

Dead Cells will give you grey hairs

Instead of wasting R200 on Mamma Mia 2 and wishing you could get those hours of your life back, Dead Cells promises far more entertainment and frustration. This is a thoroughly challenging pixel-based side-scrolling action RPG, complete with a full skill tree, Metroidvania approaches to level design and exploration, and it also features permadeath. Officially, developers Motion Twin call it a “RogueLite” platformer. Dead Cells is available now through Steam, the PlayStation and Xbox Stores, and the Nintendo eShop. The game also supports macOS and Linux.