Forza Horizon 4 image leak includes some sort of Halo thing

It’s not even a first for the franchise – Forza Horizon 3 also featured an unlockable Warthog, one of Halo’s most instantly recognisable recon vehicles – but maybe this time it’s not just a UNSC buggy, it’s a Halo event.

Dumped on Imgur over the weekend, leaked images from the game span almost every kind of car ever, but what’s perhaps most intriguing about the Warthog image is what else is in it. Besides some otherwise series-generic beach scenery, there’s also a Covenant cruiser and a Forerunner Halo installation up in the sky. More than just promo props? Maybe.

That’s no moon.

Backing this up, a data-mine in June also revealed some Halo assets in the game, and the next month, a YouTuber noticed that one of the map’s icons has a Pelican dropship on it. Coincidence? Probably not.

Forza Horizon 4 is out on PC and Xbox One on 2 October.

Via Eurogamer.