Ubisoft has canned the Nintendo Switch version of Steep

If you’ve been waiting patiently for snowy adventures on your Switch, you’re going to have to put that idea on ice, because Ubisoft has confirmed that Steep is no longer coming to Nintendo’s nifty little console, choosing to rather focus on supporting existing versions of the game.

Steep was originally included in Ubisoft’s “look how committed we are to the Switch!” excitement, revealed alongside Rayman Legends Definitive Edition and Just Dance 2017, but that was an ice age ago, and we’ve heard very little since. Somebody asked the publisher outright via Twitter, and Ubisoft laid out the bad news.

So, bad news for Switch gamers, but good news for everyone else – I still play Steep more than almost anything else (it’s sublime, no matter what Tarryn says), so I’m totally behind Ubisoft’s commitment to making my version of the game the best it can be, even if it’s at the expense of others. I’m self-absorbed like that.


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