Microsoft gets scandalous with nude, special edition Xbox controller

When Microsoft blessed us with the first Xbox in 2001/2002 (depending on which market you were in at the time), it was exciting and awesome, right? This was back in the days before everything was about UI and UX and other such things, and we were just happy to have something new to try out. Since then, consoles and controllers have evolved, and we’ve seen different versions of pretty much the same Xbox controller over and over – but now, Microsoft is trying something ultra new and freshy fresh fresh. 

Yep – it’s naked… er, I mean translucent.

The Phantom Black Special Edition controller will be shipping worldwide on 11 September, and is currently available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store. So, what inspired Microsoft to deck out their new controller in a little black dress? According to the Xbox Wire press release: “It was inspired by the idea of catching a glimpse inside. This controller is about mystery meeting luxury to reveal the technology within the controller.”

What does that mean in practical terms? The Phantom has a translucent, matte black finish, which fades into champagne gold (I didn’t make that up) – and you can see through it. Also, there are textured grips at the back for when your palms are sweaty. Obviously, this isn’t the first translucent controller ever made, but it sure is one of the sexiest.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, don’t dismay, for there’s another controller being released worldwide on 9 October which carries a far less extravagant name: “Grey/Blue controller”. It is grey and blue. It is not translucent. We all know where the bulk of the design budget was spent.

Now, what use you may actually have for new controllers, I don’t know. I’m still rocking the ones I got last year, but if you’re a collector, or generally more insistent on having the flashiest gaming peripherals out there than I am, then this news is sure to be exciting.

Via Xbox Wire.