Mosh Pit: Now you can rock your rock music through a rock that rocks

Welcome to this week’s Mosh Pit! It seems to be mostly cold and cloudy everywhere today, and we don’t blame you if you’re huddled under a blanket. Stay cosy with us as we go through this week’s list of Things You Should Take Note Of™. We’ve got some capture cards, a possible career change, and some cheap notebooks after the jump.

AVerMedia Live Gamer Family

Before we continue, we’d just like to point out that AVerMedia is, like, the last big company that makes game-capture and streaming equipment that hasn’t yet been bought out. It’s not like this is a trend or anything, but there’s a significant chance that by this time next week we’ll be hearing about a buyout because that’s what it feels like everyone is doing now. Hey SteelSeries, how you doing? It’d be a shame if all that money were to burn a hole in those deep pockets of yours…

For the discerning streamer, AVerMedia offers some really nice hands-off capture boxes that will suck up the pixels from up to two HDMI 2.0 sources. The GC553 is a USB 3.0-powered capture card for consoles and laptops, offering an HDMI in and HDMI out passthrough connection. The GC573, meanwhile, is a PCIe four-lane card that will do the same thing, but it’s designed to be housed within your desktop PC. The GC573 can also act as your streaming device, offloading the video crunching that your CPU would normally do, thereby allowing you to do things like capture 240fps footage into a mostly lossless codec.

Keep in mind that capture devices like these will strip out HDCP content protection, so you’d have to turn off HDCP protection on your console or laptop in order to capture content that would otherwise be protected.

Humble Program Your Own Games Bundle

So you’ve been playing games your entire life, and you see the amazing things being created by talented people all over the world – and you want in! Well, there’s some good news for folks like yourself, because Humble is currently offering the Program Your Own Games bundle, which includes up to 19 books if you pay $15 or more for the full set.

The books cover a range of topics and game design ideas, including how to make your own cut-scenes, storyboarding techniques, and how to get your own artificial intelligence up and running.

Don’t forget to redeem your PS Plus games

This month Sony is being rather generous, offering four PlayStation 4 games to PS Plus subscribers. If you head on over to the PlayStation Store you can grab (for free!) your copy of Mafia III, Dead by Daylight, Here They Lie, and Knowledge is Power. For older platforms, Sony is also offering you the chance to grab a copies of Bound by Flame, Serious Sam 3: BFE, Draw Slasher, and Space Hulk.

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service for the PlayStation platform, and allows you to play multiplayer games with others, save your games online (and sync them between consoles), and gives you a selection of free games every month (which, in many cases, end up being valued much higher than the price of the subscription). If you’re a new or returning subscriber, signing up to a year of PS Plus will also get you three months of Netflix for free.

Klipsch outdoor speakers

When you’re designing your home’s outdoor area, be careful not to overlook a vital part of your outdoor entertainment: music. Sure, that portable Bluetooth sound system might be okay for the odd braai or for sharing a few videos with friends, but a proper outdoor speaker setup really says “I’ve arrived”, doesn’t it?

If you’re looking for an outdoor audio setup that’s still rather discreet, Klipsch might have something for you. Their Pro Series landscape range is designed to be used outside, in all kinds of weather. Their speakers are IP-rated against dust and include water resistance, and some of them even look like rocks.

Yo dawg, I heard you like rock music. Now you can rock your rock music through a rock that rocks!

PartServe refurbished laptops

It’s mind-boggling how much ex-lease computer stock there is out there. Companies these days tend to lease out their computer equipment so that they don’t have to purchase them outright. This gives them the flexibility to move to newer hardware and different platforms at will, because the rentals can be returned and replaced at any time. As a side effect, this means that there’s a lot of well-cared-for equipment out there looking for a good home.

If you’re in the market for a laptop that’s better than the one you have now, ex-lease stock from PartServe might be something that’ll interest you. They have hundreds of units with different quality grades available, and many of them boast older-generation parts that are high-end and better built than the cheap plastic notebooks you can pick up at Game or Incredible Connection. Spares are plentiful too, because these are business machines. Sign up for PartServe’s newsletter here, get their full price list here, and check out their store here.

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