DOTA 2’s The International cash prize pool is (almost) enough to vindicate not getting a real job, ending the only significant romantic relationship you’ve ever had, and disappointing your mom

DOTA 2 The International is the most lucrative esports event of the year (and, in 2018, ever) for competitors, with its cash prize pool now up to almost $25 million at publish time and I’m obviously in the wrong business, you guys, but I totally suck at MOBAs.

According to The International’s website, the cash prize pool is at $24,820,203 and counting, busting the previous record of $24,787,916 from last year’s tournament. Funded mostly by sales of a commemorative DOTA 2 Battle Pass, those munnies will be divvied up between multiple teams, with some $10 million-something up for the first place win and a comparatively wretched sum of $61,735 for the scrubs in 17 and 18.

It’s not too late to quit school, kids.