Destiny 2’s new Forsaken raid will be late to the party, but everybody’s invited to play Gambit to make up for it

Much like it’s been with previous expansions, Destiny 2’s new Last Wish raid will launch subsequent to the Forsaken expansion, Bungie has now confirmed, but this time, the wait to take out new bad guy Uldren Sov and his goons is going to be somewhat longer than previously. As a sort of consolation prize, however, the game’s new Gambit combo competitive co-op mode will be available to all players before the expansion is out, even for those people who haven’t pre-ordered it.

Forsaken drops on 4 September, preceded by a one-day-only Gambit demo on 1 September, with Last Wish joining the game’s feature list only on 14 September.

“With so many new things to do and so much Power to gain, we knew that players would need more than just three days to prepare for the incredible challenges of Forsaken’s raid,” senior designer Joe Blackburn explains on Bungie’s blog. That, and time to grieve the tragic loss of Cayde-6, obviously.