A curious purple cube has dropped into Fortnite

What does it mean? Who even knows, but it magically appeared on the end of some sort of trans-dimensional disturbance and now it’s on the move and I don’t want to cause a panic but this is kind of how World of the Worlds started.

The alien cube made its dramatic arrival sometime on Thursday, 24 August, presumably as part of the game’s season six pre-launch hype (or an apocalyptic event, let’s not rule that out yet), and since then has tipped several times, apparently migrating – do creepy energy cubes even migrate, though, or advance with dread, inscrutable purpose? – towards the north-west, with speculation that Salty Springs is its destination. According to Reddit’s incomprehensible cube experts, it moves approximately every one hour and 40-something minutes. It’s also emblazoned with cryptic symbols, although at publish time, nobody has managed to decipher these.

In the meantime, maybe tell your family and friends that you love them. Just in case.