YouTube introduces ads you can’t skip, and this is how the corporate-controlled dystopian future starts

In news that should surprise absolutely nobody, YouTube has finished testing out non-skippable ads with a small group of content creators and started rolling the feature out to even more creators. The positive spin is, of course, that it will allow YouTube’s content creators more opportunities to monetise their channels. The flip side is that, well – there’s a reason viewers like having the option to skip ads.

In a video on its Creator Insider channel, YouTube announced the widescale roll out of the new non-skippable ad format for all creators who are in the YouTube Partner Programme, with the super excited host saying it is “yet another feature, you guys are always asking for this. Yet another feature available for everybody who’s part of the Partner Programme”.

Always asking? Hmm…

The good news is that businesses are typically willing to pay higher rates for ads you can’t skip. And the maximum time for this format is 15 – 20 seconds. So, for creators with loyal fans this may not be such a bad thing. YouTube is also giving folks the option of turning off the feature should they find that their viewership numbers are dropping, enabled by the shiny new backend analytics which will allow tracking of viewer reception of the new format.

Check out the intro video below.

Via Engadget.

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