Impress the binnets with your kiff Boet Fighter moering skills at Comic-Con, chaarna

Local indie studio New Reality has confirmed that its poesklap sim Boet Fighter will be at Comic-Con Africa next month, with a playable demo on the show floor. Naas.

The game features local comedian and boet life coach Hard Eddy as the protagonist, who must skop en donder his way through a Joburg nightclub to save his meisie from the kak intentions of its other, not so lekker patrons.

“Boet, one thing we wanted to make sure is that Boet Fighter is as close to reality as possible. We skeemed we had to stay true to the seriousness of the subject matter, which is, of course, moering okes in the tits,” Hard Eddy explains in the press stuff. “Everything, from the in-game physics, fighting moves, how flippin’ schweet and powerful Aah am, to the hotness of the binnets and – of course – the perilous dangers of Fourways, are exactly true to laaf. It’s possibly the most realistic laaf simulator game ever made. And it’s going to drib you in the face.”

Comic-Con Africa opens 14-16 September at Kyalami International Convention Centre.

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