Oh, Fallout 76 has an actual campaign

I dunno why I’m surprised, because every previous Fallout game also has a campaign, but with all the pre-launch marketing about dropping nukes on other players, I suppose I didn’t even think about it. But it does have a campaign, and it involves – guess what, you guessed it – nukes, so I can see how it links up with the multiplayer stuff and jeez, it’s so obvious now.

Talking to Game Informer, Fallout 76 director Todd Howard explains that you’re on a mission for the Vault’s missing Overseer.

“She left before everybody,” he says. “She left secret instructions for you, and that’s kind of the jumping-on point for what we call the main quest. At the end of it, you launch the nukes. The nukes are a game system, but they are also part of the main story.”

And that’s no simple task. According to Howard, it’s a substantial narrative that requires a high level character to complete, and features a number of optional things to keep you busy too. So, more or less exactly the same as other Fallout games, but with a much bigger wasteland to, uh, waste – apparently four times bigger than Fallout 4. Rad. Get it? Like rads. Radiation. I make that joke every time, but it’s okay because my mom tells me I’m hilarious.

Fallout 76 is out on 14 November on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, preceded by a beta next month.