Forgotton Anne is coming to Nintendo Switch

Forgotton Anne. I remember it well. It’s been sitting on my “I’ve heard it’s really good , but I don’t fancy anime and it also looks like it makes very little sense” list for quite some time. Well, it’s coming to Nintendo Switch. If you’re interested in Forgotton Anne, and have one of those fancy Nintendo Switchstationbox things the kids are talking about, you’re in luck.

So, there’s a trailer for Forgotton Anne. I’m clearly tone deaf when it comes to such things, so it’s a lot like watching Super Rugby for me, but hey, to each his own.

Throughlines Games’ adventure platformer has an aesthetic which brings to mind the works of Studio Ghibli. I don’t really know what it is, but I’ve looked it up, and it’s quite lovely if that’s your vibe. Forgotton Anne has been put together in the heart of Denmark, which is odd, since, you know… Japan.

Also, why do games with an anime style always use such shit fonts? It troubles me greatly. Still, most people have nothing but good things to say about this game, which is why I’ve taken the time to tell you that Forgotton Anne is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019, although neither developer nor publisher Square Enix have given us more to work on beyond that.