Steam now has “Adults Only” and “Mature” content filters, not that you’d ever use them but just so you know, like, for a friend or whatever

Valve has introduced some new content filters to keep smut and gore off your Steam store pages and preserve the immaculate purity of your eyes, your heart, and your immortal soul, like mom told you to.

According to an update on its company blog by Valve programmer Tom Bui, the new “Adults Only” content filter will purge stuff featuring “explicit sexual content” from Steam’s product listings, while the “Mature” content filter will scrub out everything else that might otherwise plunge you, shrieking with existential despair, into a churning miasma of sin and disgrace, amen.

Previously, Steam has had problems with categorising some games, even blocking the recent launches of Shining Song Starnova and Boobs Saga pending the implementation of a proper content filter system. Which is has now, but it doesn’t even matter because you don’t play games like that.