The one thing I wish I’d known before starting Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion

Infusion. Until the launch of Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion, it’s been one of those things that everybody does almost without thinking – you get some new thing that has better stats than your equipped thing, but you like the colours on your equipped thing more, so you make the one thing om-nom-nom the other thing (that’s how it works, isn’t it?), and alakashazam, equipped thing but with improved stats but also with the same colours. It’s space magic!

Except everything is different now.

The expansion deployed with a new update for the game that revamps a lot of its fundamental systems, and these are mostly much-needed improvements to Destiny 2’s previously somewhat incomprehensible design so that’s okay. Controversially, though, the infusion system has also become crazy expensive, requiring not only glimmer and shards, but also planetary materials and – this is the real problem – masterwork cores. You know, those resources you can only get from super rare masterwork gear.

And so, hyper-jumping back into Destiny 2 this week with Forsaken, I made a mistake. An economic mistake as much as it was a philosophical one.

I’m one of those gamers who tends to glom onto a thing and never change it up, ever. For most of Destiny 2’s campaign and the two subsequent expansions, I’ve used a combo of the Mida Multi-Tool scout rifle and Mida Mini-Tool submachine gun, infusing them with other stuff to keep their stats up. I’m clingy like that. I also play a nightstalker hunter exclusively, eat KitKats without breaking them first, and make lists of three items. Not two, not four, but three.

Obviously, I wanted to keep doing this with the new expansion. And I tried, but given the scarcity of masterwork cores and the extortionate cost of buying them instead from new bae Spider, it’s simply not sustainable and besides – with some existential introspection and deep breathing exercises – I realised I was being stupid about this. I dismantled all of my cherished prizes from my former life as a prissy, sentimental hoarder, and swapped to whatever dropped. Unless it’s a grenade launcher of a sidearm, because fuck grenade launchers and sidearms.

I’m not saving up for infusions, and I’m trying out new things instead. That’s kind of what a new expansion is about, anyway.