The Xbox Backward Compatibility Sale is now on to take you on a trip down memory lane

As a rule, we don’t go for all this console war nonsense here at NAG, but even people with a tattoo of the PlayStation logo have to admit that Microsoft’s backward compatibility wizardry is a big draw when it comes to choosing a new console if you’re already invested in the Xbox brand. To hammer that fact home, Microsoft has just kicked off an impressive sale on some of the biggest games from the last generation which might otherwise be left behind, gathering dust.

Gathering dust, because we’re too damn lazy to get off the couch and switch that HDMI cable from the Xbox One to the Xbox 360 to play Modern Warfare 2.

Okay, so the Xbox Backward Compatibly Sale is running right now – I just checked it on the South African Xbox marketplace and it’s very much a thing. The sale obviously doesn’t cover the entire back catalogue, but a whole lot of the most highly regarded titles are going for really good prices. I’m not going to list them for you, but going through the list I’ve selected a few which I reckon are worth pointing out.

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as previously mentioned, is essential gaming. Let’s be honest, it’s the reason so many of us starting saying things like “Stay frosty”, and “hooraah”… or “oohraa”, or however you feel it should be spelled.
  • Mass Effect 2 and 3… okay, so the admittedly ropey original isn’t there, but 2 and 3 represent some of BioWare’s finest storytelling.
  • The BioShock trilogy is there too, representing what in those days was a very different direction for what a FPS could be.
  • You can also pick up Grand Theft Auto 4, which, let’s be honest, is the most enthralling of all the GTA franchise, if only because Niko Bellic is the only GTA protagonist with any true heart.
  • Obviously Red Dead Redemption is an absolute instant purchase, if you somehow don’t already own it. And if you’ve got a hulking Xbox One X lurking near your 4K television, you get to experience it in full on 4K at no extra “super deluxe remastered edition” cost.

There are a whole lot more titles to get excited about, but those are the ones that caught my eye. I’m being coy here, though, because there’s one more: Battlefield Bad Company 2. Oh, oh, I’m sorry, you don’t recognise that as the greatest multiplayer shooter of all time? Well then, we clearly can’t be friends.

Pricing is a big of a mixed bag, by the way, with titles moving from around R100 for Mass Effect, to somewhere near R320 for Modern Warfare 2, which strikes me as odd. But, then again, I failed economics in university, so what do I know.